Tuesday, February 24, 2009

informal applause / intervene / add to at will

hello everyone.

this is an informal introduction to the scout project i may or may not have mentioned. in any case, i thought you might be interested so i am contacting you.
i know everyone is terribly busy with various life related *things*, but being a scout is so so easy. and fun!


i've written extensively about this project and mulled it over and pulled out some teeth but have yet to put much into action. the latest incarnation of it is me making badges for musicians i saw perform and as a token of appreciation, given them a designated badge.
with you, i would like to do something along the same lines.
i am very interested in the idea of art interventions, where *we* could meet at a designated public area for as little or as long or as often as you like in order to make something for each other / teach each other something / talk to each other / anything i'm open to anything, the only things missing from this is you. small is good. secret is awesome.
i'm thinking sitting in a metro and drawing funny faces on little cards, knitting a string at a bus stop, making fruit sculptures in grocery stores, oh the possibilities! it's doesn't even have to be a physical venture of togetherness.


also, there is the possibility of being paired up for an art-ervention with someone other than me, though the scouts will never meet as an entire group.
if you are interested in a more intense skill sharing session with me or someone who knows more about a certain thing your are interested in contact me and i can hook you up.
best of all the ilhu scouts is free free free!

i am very open to new ideas and interventions in the public sphere.
if you are interested in joining still, please email me. this is an incredibly informal venture.

please pass this on at will, to anyone you may think be interested.

much love,